We are dedicated to delivering child-centered learning in a working partnership with each family in our community. Our curriculum is rich. Our materials excite and spark curiosity. Our teachers guide and nurture with love and respect. It is our mission to lay a foundation for joyful learning that serves each child we work with for the rest of his or her life. 

  • To encourage independence and a positive self-image

  • To provide a carefully prepared, stimulating environment in which each child advances at his or her individual pace

  • To spark imagination & wonder

  • To give each child a positive first experience of “school”

  • To foster kindness and respect for others

  • To offer exciting, challenging activities and learning materials that create a solid academic foundation

  • To plant the seeds of personal responsibility and duty to others

Our Philosophy

We love teaching children to read. It’s a thrill to watch a 4-year old cube the number 9. And we never get tired of listening to children identify and talk about the world’s continents. But advanced academics aren't at the heart of our mission! The most important thing we do: introduce children to the idea of “school” in a loving way that sets the stage for their future relationships with education. Whether it’s counting with math beads, playing in the sand box, or painting a picture, learning should be fun. 

We also place a great deal of importance on community building. Young children are just beginning to learn manners, kindness and empathy. It doesn’t happen over night. It doesn’t even happen in three years. Preschool is just the beginning of their social journeys. But it’s a very important first step! We take seriously our jobs to help mold polite, kind, empathic citizens of the world. 


Our Teaching Approach

We “follow the child”—a fundamental tenet of Montessori education. We respect each child’s inner learning directives. We provide an abundance of learning materials—then it’s up to each child to show us what he or she is interested in. We facilitate natural development while ensuring access to a rich, varied curriculum that has something for everyone. By the time a child is ready to begin kindergarten, she will have the social, emotional and academic skills to fly!

No two children follow the same path through the curriculum. We introduce nearly everything to every child, but no child will be drawn to every activity. No child will master every skill. Every path is different and every path is valuable.